My Beloved
(Dedicated to my beloved wife of 37 years,
One whom I love beyond words and one
whom I pray for each and every day.)

In the light of early morning,
I see her lying there,
Gleaming rays her hair adorning,
My beloved sweet and fair.

A faint, soft, smile upon her lips,
A radiance on her face,
I caress her with my fingertips,
My beloved, "full of grace".

I see her there, still sleeping'
Lost in her "reverie",
Safe in God's gracious keeping,
My beloved, more to me,

Than anything this life affords,
Of it's wealth which knows no measure,
Of it's fame or all it's great rewards,
My beloved, I'll still treasure.

I see her "inner beauty",
That comes shining clearly through,
Her devotion in her duty,
My beloved, steadfast, true.

I know her gentle spirit,
I feel her tender touch,
I want everyone to hear it,
My beloved means so much,

To me in everything I do,
She's an "anchor" in my life,
She cheers me up when I am blue,
My beloved, my dear wife.

And now she sails a stormy sea,
Where dark the night and long,
Although "safe harbor" she can't see,
My beloved's faith is strong.

In a caring God who knows what's best,
One who knows her so discreetly,
To see her through this "trying" test,
My beloved trusts completely.

So once again I see her there,
And I lift this prayer above,
I thank the Lord who gave to me,
My beloved one to love.
© Ken Hammack

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