"Music washes away from the soul
the dust of everyday life."
Berthold Auerbach

From the time I was a little lad,
I loved to sing with mom and dad.
Music to me was a constant joy,
It filled the heart of this little boy.

I went to church when I was young,
And gladly joined when hymns were sung.
Music from my lips would ring,
When all the saints would start to sing.

Then later in my teenage days,
I joined the choir to sing God's praise.
I sang the songs sweet melody,
And sang in four part harmony.

My learning years would quickly fly,
I joined the chorus at Clovis High.
Music there was fun to sing,
Under Harry Barton's tutoring.

Music has played a real big part,
It's filled my life right from the start.
But still within my soul I yearned,
Life's sweetest song I had not learned.

My heart was still far from the Lord,
My life was filled with much discord.
But Jesus came one day you see,
He wrote a brand new symphony.

With lovely strains so sweet and long,
I now could sing salvation's song.
And since I've heard that joyful sound,
I living now on higher ground.

How dry and dull my life would be,
Without the strains of melody.
Music soothes my battered soul,
When angry waves and billows roll.

And when I reach life's final day,
When music here will fade away.
I'll sing of God's "Amazing Grace",
When in heaven's choir I take my place.

Then over on that golden shore,
I'll sing God's praise forever more.
When heaven's bells begin to ring,
My ransomed soul will ever sing.
© Ken Hammack

To sing along click here for the lyrics.

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