A Mountain Path

Along a mountain path I trod
Searching for the place
Amid the lush green grass and trees
Where I'd find peace and grace.

A voice was gently guiding me
Allowing me to wander
"Find where you feel peaceful
A place to sit and ponder."

A searching through my heart
Soon found what I'd been craving
A quiet spot beneath a tree
And nearby water waving.

And while I sat in solitude
Letting go of personal power
My eyes beheld across the lake
A tall and simple tower.

I felt myself be lifted up
Across the lake and then
Without knowing how I got there
Soon found myself within.

My steps were cautious as I went
Inside and looked around
It seemed strange but yet familiar
Like I was standing on "home" ground.

In the center was a console
Which housed the main control
And as I ventured closer
It seemed to touch my very soul.

"Look around" I heard a voice say
Wafting up from off the shores
It was then that I discovered
This room had many doors.

Some doors were standing open
To rooms all polished bright
And windows clear and shining
Letting in a wondrous light.

Twas then I noticed other doors
Left open - only just
And as I peeked inside those rooms
I found emotions stacked with dust.

That now familiar voice
Was asking if I could
Sort through those rooms and clean them out
I felt frozen where I stood.

For these rooms contained emotions
Attached to memories
Feelings I had stored away
Because they held such pain for me.

Slowly I went through them
And the recognition came
I was sorting through my life
Day by day - name by name.

Some were hard and some were easy
Just like cleaning out a drawer
Do I keep it? Do I toss it?
Do I simply shut the door?

Having gone through all my choices
And thinking I was through
The voice said "Look again"
I found a door stuck tight like glue.

I tugged and pulled and felt the sweat
Come over me like rain.
When finally I busted through
Into a room filled up with pain.

I said I just can't do this
I'd rather leave it here
To take it out and look at it
Would hurt too much I fear.

And then the voice said oh so gently
"That's your choice to make my dear.
Whenever you are ready,
You'll remember that it's here."

Just when I thought the journey ended
And feeling more at ease
The back door opened to reveal
A sight that knocked me to my knees.

I felt a shiver of joy and light
As I became aware
Surrounded by pure clouds of white
A giant teddy bear.

Please don't misunderstand me
Or think my head is made of sod
But in my heart I knew
I was in the arms of God.

Never in my life
Not from here or up above
Have I felt such true transcending
Pure unconditional love.

There was no fear of punishment
No judgmental tone
Just awesome understanding
I knew I'd never be alone.

So comes the end of my journey
That I tentatively share with you
Recalling this special memory
Still warms me through and through.
Bobbie Burnett
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