Virginia Stagner - My Mother

My Mother

For as long as I can remember
you have been by my side
to give me support
to give me confidence
to give me help

For as long as I can remember
you have always been the person
I looked up to
so strong
so sensitive
so pretty

For as long as I can remember
and still today
you are everything
a mother should be

For as long as I can remember
you have always provided
stability within our family
full of laughter
full of tears
full of love

So much of what I have become
is because of you
and I want you to know
that I appreciate you,
thank you
more than words can express
© Susan Polis Schutz

Mother decided to copy
The Holy Bible - King James Version
into spiral notebooks in her own handwriting.
She started on May 22 of 2010.
Mother started with the New Testament,
just in case she couldn't get the job done.
After she had copied Matthew through Revelation,
she started copying Genesis in the Old Testament.

Mother spent three hours a day in
a worship time which included Bible study and devotion.
On her desk she kept a study Bible and a dictionary.
There were times when I would go in to check on her
and we would have a discussion of a particular word
or phrase and its meaning.

She really looked forward to spending time
one on one with Jesus each day.
Most days she could hardly wait to get back to it.
Being the Prayer Warrior that she was,
her quiet time was never neglected.
She had done her prayers and daily writing
the day before her stroke on July 2, 2011.

On July 1 she was working on page 2,518.
The last scripture copied was Isaiah 5:17
There are a few empty pages in the back of spiral notebook #15.
Her handwriting was as beautiful and neat
as when she was a young woman.

What a role model and mentor she was!

Thank you, Lord!

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