Missing something...or Missing Him?

Adam and Eve once did it and we often times do it. Searching for perfection in this world. By eating from the forbidden tree, they thought they would realize perfection both in knowledge and experience. Alas, looking for perfection in the world, in its material things and desires apart from God is mere chasing after the wind.

Funny enough, Satan could not find any time to allure them better than the time when they were soaring in God's joy and perfection in the garden. The deadly strike was when he succeeded in shifting their focus from God, His provision, His care and His dominion to a mere tree .. to a mere apple .. to a mere bite!! Soon, Satan blinded their eyes to every good thing and to all God's blessings. But, he kept their eyes wide open to the sole tiny apple tree that they could not eat from. That is all he needed and still needs in order to kill us spiritually and to assassinate God's joy in our life.

The wonderful Christmas is approaching with all the joy and peace that sweet baby Jesus brings. Still is it the best time for Satan to steal our joy only if he succeeds to shift our focus from the humble Baby Jesus in the manger and all His blessings for us... to all little tiny things that we think we are missing in this life.

Please do not give him chance. Rejoice of God's huge blessings to you .. to name the major of all: your being on this earth to glorify God and fulfill His plan for you. Above all, rejoice of sweet Baby Jesus, the very humble King of Kings, Lord of Lords who selected a tiny manger to be His crib and simple shepherds and couple of cows to celebrate His baby shower!!

Look for your perfection in Him and in His humbleness. Count His blessings for you during this Christmas. Thank Him for His love.

"Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits" (Psalm 103:2)

"Sweet Baby Jesus, we thank you for Your amazing love, grace and blessings to us. LORD, please shield all the hurting people, orphans, sick, lonely and the needy with enough grace to help them move on with their sole focus on You. Help us to remember all your blessings to us and to keep our focus on You forever. May You have a happy birthday in our hearts."

Friends... may you have cheerful merry Christmas and very safe holidays.
© Maria Hanna

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