My dear friend and her very talented musician/pilot husband
recently attended an annual gathering of great musicians
in the small, quiet town of Mexican Hat, Utah.
The following is her vivid description of a wonderful weekend of music
and renewed friendship with many fellow musicians.

Fire In Mexican Hat

Guitar picks and hot drum sticks
Hey Joe! The joint was jumpin'!
Rafters risin' Walls a rockin'
You could feel the juices pumpin'!

Roads beatin' rhythm
For miles around
Bringing on the party
Just to hear the sounds.

A little bit country
And a little bit rock 'n roll
Held them all together
In perfect timing from their souls.

Once a year you'll hear it
In this sleepy little town.
Twin Texas Fiddles
And Cathy's Clown.

Oh there's dancin' and romancin'
As they feel the music sway
The pickers, they don't notice
They just know they have to play.

For once you've played the music
And felt it in your soul
There's a pullin' and a drawin'
To keep your spirit whole.

And when the music's over
And the last note strummed
They're packing up guitars
And cooling down the drums.

There's that peaceful easy feeling
And a silence has descended
For they know the fire's been satisfied
And another year has ended.
Bobbie Burnett
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