"God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December."
James M. Barrie

Memories are such marvelous things,
Echoes from our distant past,
That gently tug at our heart strings,
Paints precious moments that will last.

Memories are like butterflies,
That fly so softly on the wing,
So lovely as they flutter by,
And cause our hopeful hearts to sing.

Memories bear both good and ill,
They oft come flooding oer the years
, Hark closely and you surely will,
Hear joyful laughter through the tears.

Memories like the morning dew,
Refreshes spirit, mind, and soul,
Turns cloudy skies to azure blue,
Mends broken hearts and makes them whole.

Mmemories are your steady anchor,
When stormy waves around you roll,
Lifts you up above the rancor,
Buoys safe your battered soul.

Good memories are sure to be there,
They will never fade away,
Just look and you will surely see there,
A bigger, better, brighter day.

Memories are from what you borrow,
When loss of loved ones you must face,
They help you through your pain and sorrow,
Reveal to you God's loving grace.

Memories are like the pretty flowers,
Their fragrant scent we oft remember,
And in our coldest, wintery hours,
Bloom lovely roses in December.

So if some day you're down and out,
Feeling lonely and very blue,
Just journey recollection's route,
And see what memories do for you.
© Ken Hammack

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