The Meaning Of Life

For so long I have searched for the meaning of life,
The essence of all of it's years,
I have pondered the purpose of conflict and strife,
That renders it's hardship and tears.

I have felt the deep sting of it's sickness and death,
And asked why this happened to me.
I have stood by a loved one in their last gasping breath,
As their life on this earth ceased to be.

I have suffered much failure, uncountable loss.
I have struggled through each weary day.
I have tasted of anger; its deep bitter dross.
And it's heartache and pain on the way.

I've grown weary in fighting through each long heavy trial.
So tired of the ups and the downs,
Many times I've been tempted to throw in the towel,
So sick of the sadness and frowns.

But these trials are common to every life,
Their pain and it's sting unforgiving,
I must look beyond the pain and the strife,
To know the real meaning of living.

For I've tasted too of life oh so sweet,
Had my share of it's laughter and fun,
I've had the love of a woman that has made me complete,
And has borne me a daughter and son.

Yes, I've known the joys of a family's deep love,
The joy of their undying trust,
Their sheltering care lifts me so far above,
Those things which would tarnish and rust.

But even these things, spite the joy that they bring,
And the peace they bestow in the strife,
Though the melody's sweet in the song that they sing,
It does not tell the real meaning of life.

For our life is a mist, and it doesn't consist,
In the abundance of things that one has,
For life goes by fast and these things will not last,
They will wither away as the grass.*

For what would we gain if in life we attain,
All these things in achieving our goal,
And then fail the test when we're laid to our rest,
And in turn lose our immortal soul.**

So seek God, my friend, and do not depend,
On the things of this world that bring strife,
On Christ you can lean and you'll know what life means,
When you know the giver of life.
*Psalm 103:15
1 Peter 1: 24-25
Luke 12:15
**Matthew 16: 26
© Ken Hammack

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