Time Marches On

How fleeting flies the time that marks my living,
As I journey through this vale of joy and tears,
How swift each passing hour and "unforgiving",
Are the days that turn to months, the months to years.

It seems like yesterday that I was eager,
To meet each challenge that would come my way,
With spirit filled with purpose, strength and vigor,
To conquer every foe, to seize the day.

But far too soon the years would tell their story,
As time and tides relentlessly marched on,
Among unfinished dreams and faded glory,
The ardor of my youth began to "wan".

The ebb and flow of years came unabated,
The ladder of success I tried to climb,
My hopes of fame and fortune dissipated,
Much altered by the ravages of time.

And so my golden years are now upon me,
A time for me to look back on the past,
And know that there among the things that I see,
Will be some values that will surely last.

Perhaps I've left a path for those who follow,
A footprint, clear, upon the sands of time,
A trail that passing time will never swallow,
A course that's clearly marked for all to find.

So I face another new year on tomorrow,
And at midnight when those bells will joyfully chime,
I'll resolve to live with no regrets or sorrow,
And to make the most of my God given time.
© Ken Hammack

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