Make It Last

"Time is precious, every day"
I used to hear the "old folks" say.
"Each moment now, make it last
For soon today will be the past."

"What do you mean
You dear old man?"
I said to him and then I ran.
I was too young to understand.

"Life slips by in a heartbeat,"
The old man said to me.
Yet each long day dragged slowly by
And I waited impatiently.

My heart could feel the yearning
For each day yet to be.
Life moved slow like honey.
Every moment sweet and sunny.

When did it happen? When did I know?
Was there a moment I remember,
Like a blinding flash of light?
No, I was too busy chasing down the night.

But soon I listened, soon I heard
The old man's wise and kindly word.
Only now I truly know
What he taught me long ago.

For day to month and month to year
My own words ringing in my ear.
"Careful now, make it last
For soon today will be the past."

"Dedicated to my Grandpa who died in 1961."
Bobbie Burnett
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