Lost And Found
(Luke 15: 3-24)

The sheep that day began to stray,
Far from the shepherd's loving fold,
Through circumstance and just by chance,
Was lost out in the dark and cold.

The shepherd, kind, would seek to find,
His little lamb so sad and lone,
He'd leave behind the ninety-nine,
Go out and bring this wanderer home.

Just like the sheep on mountain steep,
And far across that great divide,
Our souls were steeped in sin so deep,
So lost and lonely, how we cried.

But God in love sent from above,
The Loving Shepherd of our soul,
At such great loss, upon the cross,
He ransomed us and made us whole.

In much distress and carelessness,
The woman lost the coin that night,
This lady, poor, swept clean the floor,
The coin remained far out of sight.

Then in her plight she sought for light,
To help her find this treasure rare,
Joy would abound, the coin was found,
With friends and neighbors she would share.

Through prayerlessness and carelessness
Just like this coin we lose our way,
If by neglect we don't protect,
Our life in Christ, the price we'll pay.

But in our plight, God sends His light,
To search our heart and soul and mind,
Reveals our pride and sin inside,
Our way to God once more we'll find.

The youngest son, when day was done,
Came to his loving father's side,
He was an heir and took his share,
Into the world so vast and wide.

When all was spent, yes every cent,
He found himself among the swine,
He thought of "dad" and all he had,
Said I'll go back to what was mine.

Just like the son, we were on the run,
Roaming far in sin and shame,
Seeking pleasure and worldly treasure,
We played the devil's deadly game.

And all the while, o'er every mile,
The Loving Father waited long,
How He would yearn for our return,
Back to His arms where we belong.

So if today, you've lost your way,
Just like this sheep and coin and boy,
You can be found for Grace abounds,
God's precious blessings you'll enjoy.
© Ken Hammack

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