Live Life Today

Sometime my mind will take it's flight,
Back o'er the sands of time,
Recall with joy and great delight,
Those lovely scenes that come to mind.

Those "olden days" of youthful fun,
That brings my heart much cheer,
Those "golden days" that now are done,
Hold memories so dear.

But I can't live in days gone by,
There's so much yet for me to do,
I'll leave the past where it does lie,
Seek today for what is "new".

Sometime my mind will take it's flight,
To future worlds unseen,
To view with hope the things that might,
Fulfill my greatest dream.

Those "unknown days" are yet ahead,
I know not what they hold,
That "not shown page" I haven't read,
It's substance isn't told.

But I can't live in days not here,
For they may never come,
I'll leave the future in it's "sphere"
Today is my day in the sun.

And so my mind turns to today,
This is the time that I must live,
Of past and future I've no say,
Today's the time that I must give,

Of heart and mind and spirit,
Of life and purpose true,
So all I touch may hear it,
God's grace will see you through.

Just live today as tho your last,
And friend it well could be,
The past is gone, it goes so fast,
The future you can't see.

We only have this moment,
To hold within in our hand,
So live your life within it,
Leave footprints on the sand.
© Ken Hammack

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