The Lift Of Love

"Humble yourself before God and
He will lift you up."

James 4:10

When I was drifting far from land,
Caught in the "surge" of sin's dark wave.
I cried to God; stretched forth my hand,
He lifted me, my soul to save.

When the path I walk from day to day,
Grows rough and steep; no rest is found.
I look to God to show the way,
He lifts my feet to higher ground.

When my life is filled with constant noise,
When all I try goes oh so wrong.
God's praise my "stammering tongue" employs,
He lifts my heart in joyful song.

When I'm engulfed in pain and grief,
When angry billows "rock" my soul.
I seek from God His sweet relief,
He lifts me up and makes me whole.

When I drink from death's "grim cup".
Arrive at last at heaven's door.
The Christ I love will lift me up,
To dwell with Him for evermore.
© Ken Hammack

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