Let's Not Soon Forget

Terror rained from peaceful skies,
Just one year ago today.
Mid smoke and fire and chilling cries,
Many dreams in ashes lay.

Our nation watched in disbelief,
As this carnage quickly fell.
Causing so much sorrow, fear and grief,
And pain beyond our words to tell.

Our country is a land so blessed,
The hope of all within her gates.
A respite for the souls oppressed,
A harbor from such cruel hate.

But now we know we weren't secure,
From tyrany's destructive hand.
It's devastating toll was sure,
A pall was cast upon our land.

But from the rubble of this deed,
A fresh new breath of freedom rose.
It's lessons we would surely heed,
As the wind of patriotism blows.

Time and events march swiftly on,
And oft the images soon fade.
The fervor we first had is gone.
We soon forget the price we paid.

Let's not forget the victims lost,
The sacrifice that many gave.
They paid the price that freedom cost,
These countless men and women brave.

Our differences let's lay aside,
We owe these folks a grateful debt.
May none of them, in vain, have died,
May none of us so soon forget.
© Ken Hammack

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