Laughter is a funny thing.
No, really - very funny!
Ask to buy it for a fee
And they'll give it to you free!

Don't you love the way it bubbles
Up and 'round inside you?
Rumbling out your mouth
Touching all who stand beside you?

There's another thing 'bout laughter -
Sharing tends to make it grow.
The joke may not be funny
But the laughter makes it so!

Laughter is the only thing
That doesn't cost a cent.
But giving it away
Makes it worth more than the Mint!

And even in your darkest hours
When your pain cannot be measured
Laughter flies on silver wings
Making every moment treasured.

In times when too much heartache
Only lets you feel the stings
Laughter gives you strength
In the healing that it brings.

Laughter is a place we go
Where many souls have trod.
A place I am convinced
Is a special gift from God.
Bobbie Burnett
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