My Friend Once Killed A Snake For Me

My friend once killed a snake for me.
I put her in my Hall of Fame.
She did what I was loathe to do.
So my hero she became.

My friend will jump on beds with me
And dance in grocery stores.
The laughter that she shares with me
Will make my stomach sore.

My friend once drove me through the snow
When we were in our teens.
We slipped and skidded 'cross the ice
Into a Coke machine!

My friend once stood up tall for me
Or was it twice - or maybe three?
The world had turned against me - spinning off the track
And there we stood together - her and me - back to back.

My friend has honored me by spilling out her dreams
And trusted me with pain pulling at the seams.
Our lives are so entwined - not even death could sever.
We knew from the beginning we would be friends forever.
Bobbie Burnett
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Thank you, Bobbie, for this beautiful poem - what a wonderful tribute to our special friendship. Oh, the memories it brings to mind. Such myriad events that have formed and sealed this lasting union of our hearts. How fortunate we are to have been given this extraordinary friendship. Thank you, Lord, for crossing our paths so long ago and blessing us so greatly. Everyone should be so blessed. Love, pk

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