Danica, such a pretty name,
For such a pretty baby,
We jumped for joy the day you came,
And we're not talking maybe.

And mom and dad were filled with pride,
And so was your big brother,
Their smiles were difficult to hide,
Their joy they couldn't cover.

One look at you would tell us why,
So dainty and petite,
With dark black hair and dancing eyes,
Wee little hands and feet.

So precious in your mama's arms,
In dad's and brother's too.
You wowed them with your "girlish" charms,
Grandma and grandpa too.

And when I held you close to me,
My mind and memory raced,
Back o'er the years where I could see,
Another time and place.

Where grandpa waited anxiously,
One bright and sunny morn,
Not knowing what this child would be,
The day your dad was born.

I held him , too, close to my chest,
And placed him in God's care,
Wanted for him the very best,
That was my fervent prayer.

I watched him as a little lad,
Grow big and tall and strong,
So thankful for this son I had,
But, soon, before too long,

This boy would grow into a man,
And leave the place he's known,
To follow after God's great plan,
Start a family of his own,

And then through misting "teary" eyes,
I was sure that I could see,
In spite of tiny whimpering cries,
You smiling right at me.

I know the love your family sees,
Right from the very start,
May it flow to us like a gentle breeze,
And always fill our hearts.

Your precious life, a gift of love,
Into our lives you came,
We thank our loving God above.
And bless His Holy name.
© Ken Hammack

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