Kenneth W. Hammack
Oct. 9, 1939 -- Sept. 2, 2003

Kenneth Wilford Hammack, 63, of Modesto died Tuesday at his home.

Mr. Hammack was a native of Wheeling, W. Va. He had lived in Modesto since 1969. He was a bus driver for 13 years and worked for Laidlaw Transportation. He was a member of North Modesto Church of God. He enjoyed writing poetry, music and church activities.

He is survived by his wife, Myrna Hammack of Modesto; children, Cheryl "Cheri" Long of Moore, Okla., and David Hammack and Karen Hammack, both of Modesto; brothers, Richard A. Hammack of Tacoma, Wash., and Gary J. Hammack of Egypt; and seven grandchildren.

A memorial service will be at 11:30 a.m. Monday at North Modesto Church of God. A graveside service will be at 9:30 a.m. Monday at Acacia Memorial Park. Visitation from 4 to 9 p.m. Sunday at Salas Brothers Funeral Chapel.

Ken Hammack Poetry I

Ken Hammack Poetry II

Ken Hammack Poetry III

Ken Hammack Poetry IV

Ken Hammack Poetry V

A note from pk:

Ken and I developed a close friendship over the internet through his poetry, this website and many emails. We never spoke on the phone. I wish we had. Although we attended the same schools growing up, we did not truly become acquainted until the last few years.

It has been my priviledge to publish over seventy of this dear man's poems on this website. Ken's poetry came from his heart and shows evidence that he deeply loved our Lord, his wife and family.

As you browse through Ken's poetry, please note the love which comes from deep within him. He adored his loving wife and cherished his children and grandchildren. Ken once wrote me that he was hoping to write a poem based on each Sunday's sermon.

Through Ken's close observation of our respective websites, he was able to write a beautiful poem dedicated to the friendship between my dear friend and me, even though he had never seen us together. We were deeply honored to receive his tribute to our friendship.

Just about a year ago Ken, with the help of a friend, put together a very nice album with some of his poetry on pretty paper. He sent one to my dear friend and one to me. At the time I told him it had become my "coffee table book" even though it lives on an end table. I will continue to treasure his gift even more.

We had discussed our 45th class reunion in 2004. I had looked forward with great anticipation to spending time with Ken and Myrna. Now, our reunion will be in heaven. And that brings me to why these graphics were chosen - Scent of Heaven. It makes me think of where my friend is now and makes me a bit envious. Also, while I don't know if Ken ever made a promise like the one in the music playing, I do know that he did make sure everyone knew how much he cared about them.

Though he may have had others, Ken's poetry was his ministry, and he did it so very well. Some time last year Ken decided to try his hand at building a website. As with his poetry, Ken's website is a clear view of who this godly man was.

Although he had some health problems, Ken's death was quite unexpected. I shall miss him and his emails which were a mixture of his poetry and his deep appreciation of how it has been displayed on this site. In talking with his beloved wife the week after his passing, I was able to see even more of this loving and talented man. I thank the Lord for putting Ken in my life when He did. I know that Ken's poetry has truly blessed my life and believe that many others have also been blessed by it. I'm certain Myrna would appreciate any prayers for her and their family.

In fond memory,

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