Just One Day

Is a sparrow not a sparrow
But a condor instead
Soaring high above us
Flights of grandeur in his head?

Could a snail be a great python
Is that a silly notion?
As he travels oh so slowly
With his gears just not in motion?

And how about a nasty gnat
Buzzing in our ears?
Could he be a Monarch Butterfly
But cannot conquer all his fears?

I wonder if us humans
Are not all that we can be
If we break the chains that bind us
And just let ourselves be free?

But maybe I'm day dreaming
Just silly thoughts - you see
Of course we're all
What we are meant to be.

It doesn't stop me wondering though
What a grand world we would see
If sparrows, snails and gnats and us
For just one day - were the best that we could be.
Bobbie Burnett
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