Just Inside Of Heaven's Gate

I can't wait until I get to heaven,
Oh, all of the sights, I'll see.
But, there's something special, God's been saving,
That I'll have forever, through eternity.

Oh, I'll love the mountains high,
And all of the valleys, far below.
And, all of the rainbows, that fill the sky,
But, there's much more waiting, for me I know.

There'll be rivers of life, flowing through the land,
Meadows, filled with flowers, as far as you can see.
And, fruit filled trees, for all of man,
Which feed the souls, with love and harmony.

Oh, yes, there'll be a mansion, that bears my name,
With a view, that stretches far and wide.
Where you can see everything, in heaven's terrain,
For God has nothing, in His heaven to hide.

And as great, as all these things will be,
There's something there, that means so much more.
That special something, that waits for me,
That I too, in anticipation, am waiting for.

Yes, Jesus, how can He not be, my top priority?
To see Him, my heart can hardly wait.
But, besides Jesus, my eyes are longing to see,
All of my family, waiting, just inside of heaven's gate.
Reginal R. Tidwell
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