JESUS Is The Reason For The Season

The presents are tucked by the tree neatly trimmed
Children are excited as gift-giving begins.

Loved ones and friends gather as before
To hear the story of Christmas told by Grandpa once more.

Everything is ready, the celebration starts
But something is missing, could it be in my heart?

Could Christmas be more than gifts under a tree?
The true meaning of the season I really want to see.

My heart begins to ponder, my thoughts see the sight
Of that very first Christmas, the holiest of nights.

Angels praise and worship, shepherds share the sight
Of God's wondrous promise, a King is born tonight!

I understand the difference, the reason is crystal clear
It's JESUS who makes the season-of famiy, friends and cheer.

Without the birth of JESUS the celebration would be gone
HE brings the love of family, HE brings the joy of song.

People would still be lonely, no hope would fill their way
JESUS is the reason for the season, it is HIS special day!
© 1986 H. Alan Roth

To sing along click here for the lyrics.

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