I prayed, "God, Bless America"

And God said, "I HAVE blessed America. You asked for Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

"And I blessed you with Life -

"I filled the wombs of your young mothers with new life - but you have turned them into tombs for the unborn.

"I gave you health and long life - but you have ignored your elderly by putting them out of your sight, and now you talk of 'death with dignity'.

"I blessed you with Eternal life through my Son - but now you ignore Him and act as though you never heard of Him, or worse, you ridicule His sacrifice and profane His Name with an exclamation point!

"And I blessed you with Liberty -

"I filled your land with wealth so that you could wisely raise your children and freely travel the world proclaiming Life through My Son - but you have used it to build idols to yourselves and to pile riches upon riches while ignoring the plight of the poor and the lost.

"I gave you sound principles and good laws to live under the blessings of freedom - but you have contorted and twisted those first principles so that now you are enslaved by countless rules and regulations; the few principles I gave you to govern yourselves have become 'rule upon rule', 'line upon line', 'do upon do'; the rich purchase 'justice' and the poor are denied; and now you use your laws to shut Me out.

"I blessed you with freedom to worship Me, in Spirit and in Truth - but most of you refuse to spend one day out of seven even thinking of Me; my Church is not filled; and many of you have turned to other 'gods' or to no god at all.

"And I gave you Happiness -

"I filled your marriages with the gift of passion and intimacy between a husband and wife - but you have turned My gift into an ugly thing to be thrown about and given away to anyone or anything on impulse; you have filled your eyes with lust and your hearts with adultery.

"I gave you good things to eat and drink, and I gave gifts of music and artistry to some of you - but you have used my provision to become gluttons and drunks and addicts, and you waste your gifts to praise the profane rather than to bless Me.

"I blessed you with inquisitive minds to seek the Truth, and I gave you my Book that contains My Wisdom - but my Book is banned from your schools and it sits unopened in your homes, and now your Science teaches your children that they are evolved from slime, rather than created in My image.

"How much more shall I bless America?"

And then I gasped, "Lord, how should I pray?"

And He said, "Pray that America will humble herself and pray and seek My face and turn from her wicked ways. Then I will hear her plea from Heaven and forgive her sin and heal her land."

And so I pray, "America, Bless God"!

© Original Author

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