Away in a Manger

Away in a manger our Savior once lay,
and that is the reason we have Christmas day;
He came down from Heaven to live here below
to suffer and die because He loves us so.

The shepherds first found Him on that starry night;
An angel spoke to them and they saw His light.
They knelt in the hay there so fragrant and warm
and worshipped our Savior that first Christmas morn.

Three kings came to praise Him and gifts to Him gave,
and to all His children He then showed the way
to serve Him and others by day and by night,
and love God, the Father, with heart, mind, and might.

He taught us to know what is wrong and what's right...
to pray without ceasing and seek further light;
To love everybody, the weak and the strong;
and ever remember to Him we belong.

Let us then be worthy in spirit and truth,
to guide others to Him, our lives be the proof;
To bring souls to Jesus that they might be free,
and praise, ever praise Him, where e'er we may be!

Away in a manger, asleep in the hay,
our Savior's the reason for Christmas today.
1993 Dianna Gilliam, All Rights Reserved

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