There's a "secret" place within my mind,
Where I can plan and scheme,
In "reverie" I'm sure to find,
An answer to my wildest dream.



And in this hidden, veiled retreat,
With great anticipation,
Expectantly, I'll daily meet,
With my imagination.



And there the two of us will play,
In flowered meadows fair,
We, each in turn, will have our say,
Our hopes and aspirations share.



We'll sail the widest ocean,
Traverse the mountain height,
Explore each deep emotion,
Let fancy take it's flight.



We'll banish every fear and doubt,
We'll conquer every foe,
Despair and gloom we'll soundly rout,
Resolve and purpose show.



No task will be too hard to do,
No risk too big to take,
No solemn sky will cloud our view,
We'll leave them in our "wake".



Imagination is my friend,
My comrade tried and true,
If time with him I could not spend,
I don't know what I'd do.



How dry and dull my life would be,
Without him by my side,
My aims and goals I'd never see,
If he were not my guide.



If in your life you're struggling much,
As you wrestle with frustration,
Look deep within and get in touch,
With your imagination.
© Ken Hammack



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