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Katholishces Gesanbech, 1775
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Holy Ground

I stood in tears in the morning light,
Trying to hide the darkness inside.
For all of the hope I held in my sight,
Was nailed to a cross and had died.

The prophet said, that the Messiah would come,
And I believed it was Jesus.
For surely, His miracles proved He was the One,
So, in Him, I had placed all, my trust.

The, shadows fell and the sky became dark,
With thunder and lightening, filling the sky.
And that like a veil was torn from my heart,
And I stood in the presence of Life, that could not die.

Then, the wisdom of God made Himself known,
By the Holy Spirit who lives in His Son.
That Satan had now been overthrown,
And no longer held the keys to his kingdom.

For Jesus came to die, not to live,
So, that man could live and not know death.
And on the cross, He sacrificed all, He could give,
By paying man's ransom with His dying breath.

The, clouds drifted away and darkness began to flee,
But, when I saw the blood, caused by Jesus' crown.
I removed my sandals and fell to my knees,
For it was then, I knew, I was on Holy Ground.
© Reginal R. Tidwell
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