(A humorous look at growing old)

When I was young and in my prime,
Still "wet behind the ears",
I gave no thought to a coming time,
When I would bear the weight of years.

For I was young and so alive,
So arrogant and bold,
To me folks who were thirty-five,
Were very, very, old.

I thought not of tomorrow,
Just lived for every day,
From the future would not borrow,
Let the chips fall where they may.

I was footloose and fancy free,
Built castles in the air,
"Now" was as far as I could see,
I didn't have a care.

But time so quickly turned each page,
That it took me by surprise,
And soon I reached that "ripe old age",
You guessed it! .... THIRTY-FIVE.

The years did come, the years did go,
And soon my youth was spent,
I looked for my "get up and go",
But it "got up and went".

My "forties" soon came on a pace,
And kind of "settled in".
With wrinkles visiting my face,
Near my "dimpled" double chin.

Then the "itis" boys made an offer,
And paid a call on me,
"Sinus", "Burs" and then "Old Arther",
The worse one of the three.

The "fifties" were the next to call,
They sat down by my side,
This "aging thing" I couldn't stall,
No matter how I tried.

And now I'm in my "sixties",
With grandkids at my feet,
Those precious "little pixies"
So innocent and sweet.

I wouldn't trade a minute,
Or alter any page,
I've had a lot of fun within it,
My life at any age.

As I look back o'er all these years,
I know that I will find,
That aging gives no cause for tears,
It's just "a state of mind".
Ken Hammack


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