Dearest Grandchild

Welcome to our family!
How anxiously we awaited your arrival
and how very glad we are that
God brought you into our lives.

As I thought about being a grandparent,
I tried to determine how I could,
in some small way, celebrate your life.
I decided to write a "Wish List" for you.

I wish you joy and happiness
throughout your life...
which can best be found
by bringing joy and happiness
to others you'll meet along the way.

I wish you strength of character
coupled with a tenderness in your heart.
Strength enough to lead
and overcome adversity...
tenderness enough to follow
and share your talents.

I wish you wisdom to learn
and grow.but also common sense
to make sound decisions.
But...above all else...I wish you love.

Of all the gifts we give one another...
nothing is greater than the gift of love!
As you have come into this world
out of an act of love...
so you must share your love with others.

Always remember the greatest love
exists within the family.
A man's love for his wife...
a woman's love for her husband...
parent's love for their children...
children's love for their parents...
and most certainly...
a grandparent's love for their grandchild!

There is yet a greater love waiting you...
greater than all I have mentioned.
Above all else I have wished for you...
I wish you the love of God...
Who can fulfill this grandparent's
every wish for you.
© Spencer L. Craig

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