God's Greatest Work Of Art

As the stars in heaven magnify their beauty,
With the moon like a pearl upon its chain.
Gives an awesome grace that is truly,
A shining example to Your Holy Name.

For with its silver chain of radiant pearl,
Draped around earth's body, adorned, with many wonders.
You proudly display its light to the world,
To see Your Majesty, You've placed it, under.

And the earth, dressed, in its glorious attire,
With mountains, valleys, deserts and seas.
Wearing its golden broach of heavenly fire,
Raining sunbeams of warmth, through forest's, leaves.

Then, Your master touch, the creation of man,
Whom, You gave authority, over, all.
Yet, to be the feet, for Your purpose and plan,
Carrying Your message, to all, who are called.

Gives a shimmering glance of Your created, treasure,
Yet, Fails in comparison, to Your greatest work of art.
Which, You, placed upon a hill, beyond loves measure,
A cross, holding Your son, nailed, with Your heart.
© Reginal R. Tidwell
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