God Has Come Nigh

I know you reign on high, Oh God,
And rule o'er time and space.
But you also came so nigh, oh God,
And dwelt here in this place.

This place in which I live, oh God,
And walk from day to day.
Your blessed Son to give, oh God,
To help me find the way.

The way that leads to you, oh God,
That straight and narrow road.
That's found by very few, oh God,
Who stumble neath their load.

My load you said you'd bear, oh God,
Give rest from toil and strain.
If I'd come to you in prayer, oh God,
And come in Jesus' name.

In Jesus' name I've come, oh God,
And found it to be so,
In Jesus' name alone, oh God,
Your peace and blessings flow.

Your blessings flow to me, oh God,
Lights in my soul a flame.
Sets my captive spirit free, oh God,
And all in Jesus' name.

In Jesus' name you hear, oh God,
In Jesus name you save.
Deliver me from fear, oh God,
Of death, it's sting and grave.

The grave He overcame, oh God,
It could not hold Him down.
In Christ alone I claim, oh God,
My everlasting crown.

Crown Him King of Kings, oh God,
Crown Him Lord of Lords,
My faith hopes and sings, oh God,
In your eternal words.
Ken Hammack

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