A Friendly Smile

When you do not understand your pain and sorrow,

When you find it hard to bear each heavy trial,
You can look beyond and see a bright tomorrow,
And can offer to the world a friendly smile.

When the race you run becomes so long and weary,
As you traverse every toilsome, arduous mile,
You can make each step you take so bright and "cheery",
If you offer to the world a friendly smile.

When you travel through grief's darkest midnight hour,
And inside your heart is breaking all the while,
You can know the peace of God that gives you power,
To offer to the world a friendly smile.

Though to you it always seems that you are losing,
Yet you react to every painful hurt somehow,
Your response will always be within your choosing,
So choose to offer to the world a friendly smile.

In every circumstance and every season,
You can wear a friendly smile upon your face,
Your Heavenly Father has provided you the reason,
He has given you His mercy and His grace.

So offer to the world a smile each morning,
A smile that seems to last the whole day through,
Make sure a friendly smile is your adorning,
Then the world will give a friendly smile to you.
© Ken Hammack

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