Freedom's Price

(Dedicated to all Americans and especially to those
who suffered personal tragedy and loss in the events
that occurred on September 11, 2001)

What price, my friend, are you willing to pay
To protect life and liberty?
How much do you love the "American way"
And the land of the brave and the free?

What sacrifice, friend, are you willing to make
To breathe in of freedoms "sweet air"?
What risk, my friend, are you ready to take
To be sure these will always be there?

Our people, my friend, have suffered great loss,
We cry through our grief and our pain.
How many "dark bridges" do we have to cross?
Before we can smile once again.

Our young men and women lie dead in the street,
Their children are orphaned too soon.
Our bravest and finest rushed quickly to meet,
This terror that led to their doom.

Pray earnestly, friend, for these heroes so brave,
Forget not the price that they paid.
Count sacred, my friend, the life that they gave,
And honor each sacrifice made.

Pray fervently, friend, for those who will guide,
Our nation through difficult days.
Support them, my friend, with an "unfettered" pride,
Keep liberty's candle ablaze.

Yes take time, my friend, to cry and to mourn
Hold back not your pain and your sorrow.
But after your grief may a new hope be born,
For a brighter and greater tomorrow.

For out of the rubble and ashes of hate,
A new spark of freedom can rise.
Doom and despair, friend, need not be our fate,
If we're willing to fight for the prize.

For freedom, my friend, is really not free,
It comes not with a roll of the dice.
But a free land, my friend, we always will be,
If we're willing to pay freedom's price.
Ken Hammack

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