For the Abused

"Because I love him", when she asked me why,
"See he didn't mean to make me cry!"

"My swollen lip? Still able to kiss!
No, I never thought it'd be like this!"

See, he was a loving, precious man,
And swore I'd never bleed again.

"The roses? Denial of any blame,
Adored me, he did, I wore his name."

"Oh, my eye? It's just a scratch,
A loving playful wrestling match".

She worried and noticed how my tears ceased,
I tried to convince her, he wasn't a beast!

"I must've deserved it, cuz I stuck around",
He told me each day what a gem I'd found!

"You don't understand, my blood is done dry!"
I begged her to stop asking why why why???

Yet, she was impressed that I'd fought the fight,
"A vow means forever, God said that, right?"

"Because I loved him", when she asked me why,
As I lay motionless...Mom watched me die...
Karen O'Connor

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