To My Forever Friend
I Want So Much To See You

I want so much to see you...if only for awhile
to tell you face-to-face how much I miss
my special friend whose life is such a part of mine.

I want so much to see you...even if it's only for awhile
to reminisce about our days gone by,
and catch up on all the news I've yet to hear.

I want so much to see you...and talk as we used to
of our lives and our loves,
our cares and concerns.

I want to be able to share some coffee in the morningside
some memories of our togetherness
some wishes that have since come true
and some worries that never occurred.

I want you to know how very often I think of you-
sometimes at the times when I'm reading or working
or just walking along on a quiet day.

And I think of you at those special times...
when I'm feeling a little lonesome
and I miss not having you close by.

I want so much to see you...
to remind you that you are in my thoughts,
with warm remembrances as constant as the dawn of each new day.

And you must know that I could never forget you...
you're such a lasting treasure in my life.
I'll always think of the smiles we've shared
and the times we've spent together.

I want so much to see be with you
and say the things on my mind that only you would understand
and share the things I can only share with you.

But even when I can't say all the things I want to...
I hope you sense them anyway.

I want you to know the feelings that I have of "thank you..."
the fondness that comes from our memories
the fulfillment I receive from just knowing you
and the hope that we can get together soon.

For I want so much to see you...even if it's only for awhile
to remind you that no matter how far distance separates us,
the nearness of your spirit is always with me.

I want so much to see you...if only for awhile
to feel the joy you always bring
and the love found in your smile.
© Andrew Tawney

This page is dedicated to my Forever Friend.
She knows who she is.
Lord, thank you for blessing me with this friendship.

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