Through Eyes Of Faith
"Sorrow looks back, worry looks
around, faith looks up."
Guidepost magazine

I want to really live my life,
Without regret or sorrow.
That in the midst of stress and strife,
I'll always see a bright tomorrow.

For sorrow's always looking back,
Sees only things that might have been.
Regret "accentuates" my lack,
Points out my failure and my sin.

I must forget what lies behind,
Press on to heaven's highest goal.
Beyond each cloud I'm sure to find,
A refuge for my "battered" soul.

I want to really live each day,
Free from worry, fret, and care.
When tests and trials come my way,
I'll take them to the Lord in prayer.

For worry always looks around,
Sees only life's dark angry wave.
Keeps mind and soul and spirit bound,
In "desperation's" hopeless grave.

I'll set my mind on things above,
Look not on what is sure to fail.
I'll trust His mercy, grace and love,
He'll guide me safe thru each dark vale.

I want to really live for God,
A life of faith and simple trust.
A life that's free from all "facade",
A life that's holy, pure and just.

For faith is always looking up,
It looks beyond what we can see.
Drinks deep from "expectation's" cup,
And sets the "blinded captive" free.

Through eyes of faith I'll live each day,
All else is naught but sinking sand.
God's Holy Word will light my way,
He'll lead me with His Mighty Hand.
© Ken Hammack

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