1) From a physician - "And I will call to your attention what happened in this country in the 1950's when we were trying to wipe out polio. Had the March of Dimes and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis spent all of its money on better iron lungs, we would still have polio today. But they spent a portion of their money on prevention and research on vaccine and we don't have polio today."

2) Testimony from a victim - "I had sustained a bruise on my face, a black eye, a bloody lip .... and I went to the state police and they said they didn't want to get involved in domestic affairs and they wanted to know what I had done to provoke the man to hit me .... I didn't do anything! I am a victim of abuse! Can't somebody get involved? And they told me, if it was so bad to just move out."

3) Testimony from a victim - "When my husband tried to kill me, I finally called the police, who came - took a look at the house and at me - we were both broken and bloody - asked if my husband was gone .... he was .... and said, 'Lady, it's his house, he can do what he wants.'"

4) Testimony from an abuser - "All the shelters in the world aren't going to help the men. We have to be dealt with. If you don't deal with us, you're going to have the problem for the rest of eternity."

5) Testimony from the relative of a victim - "My sister asked what the record number of postponements on a case such as this was. The clerk said that he remembered one case was delayed twelve times .... She then said 'Well, I guess he'll have to kill me before this comes to trial.' They were postponed again that day to July 14, 1983 - and on that day, we buried my sister."


"I am frightened. No one can help me. My children and I live in danger. My husband beats me. The police say they can't help me. I have been to the doctors many times. I sent my children to relatives because I do not want them hurt. There is no other way to protect them. Please tell them I love them. I don't know any other way."

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