Don't Forget! Say "THANK YOU"

When someone wants to be your friend,
And tries so hard to understand,
And gladly lends a helping hand,
Don't forget! Say "THANK YOU".

When someone senses what you fear,
And in their heart will hold you near,
And shed for you a caring tear,
Don't forget! Say "THANK YOU".

When your spirit's on the ground,
Encouragement cannot be found,
Then someone wipes away that frown,
Don't forget! Say "THANK YOU".

When someone with a joyful smile,
Will walk with you that long, hard mile,
Support you in each hurt and trial,
Don't forget! Say "THANK YOU".

When someone gives to you a gift,
That buoys you up, gives you a lift,
May your response be sure and swift,
Don't forget! Say "THANK YOU".

How easy in our busy day,
For manners soon to slip away,
Our "thank yous" oft we never say,
But don't forget! Say "THANK YOU".
© Ken Hammack

Thank you
Thank you

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