Do Not Be Anxious

Do not be anxious when the living
Of your life brings grief and sorrow.
Offer God your glad thanksgiving,
Thank Him for each bright tomorrow.

Do not be anxious when your giving,
Is not returned by even one.
Trust in God; have no misgiving,
He sees every deed that's done.

Do not be anxious for tomorrow,
Is that not what God's Word does say?
From it's trouble never borrow,
Suffice the evil of today.

Do not be anxious in the "warring",
Of your soul with sin and doubt.
In God's love you'll find restoring,
Grace and power to bring you out.

Do not be anxious in the hurry,
And the pressures of the strife.
Who of you by fret and worry,
Can add one hour to your life.

Do not be anxious, never waver,
When the dark clouds dim your view.
Cast every fear upon our Saviour,
For He loves and cares for you.
(1 verse) Phillipians 4:6
(2 verse) Matthew 6:1-4
(3 verse) Matthew 6:34
(4 verse) 1 Peter 5:10
(5 verse) Luke 12:25
(6 verse) 1 Peter 5:7
© Ken Hammack

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