Dear God, I am fine
my thanks to you, our Lord divine

But I need to ask, How have You been?
dealing with us & all of our sin.

The face of man, the wars, the plunder,
the hate, revenge, the pain and hunger

Do you dream like some, of peace on Earth
of the world undergoing a spiritual rebirth

Do you still feel that if we but turned our face to thee
or is it too late for our souls to be free?

For those, who thought law made the majority behave,
do you forgive them the sin of making man a slave?

Peace on Earth cannot be achieved
if those in power continue to deceive.

How hard you must try to make yourself known
how lost we've become through the hate we have sown

You are the only free choice we have left
and yet, so many world wide are bereft

I feel at Peace, knowing you
but who do you turn to when you are blue?

You and Your angels must cry real tears
as Your children become more blind through the years

Do you, sometimes, need reassurance
are you ever afraid that You're going to lose us?

For You gave us progressive and intelligent minds
yet some have been guided along forbidden lines

We've become so destructive of all You created
through the hate and the murder, some are actually elated!

I know that if You could but save one thing
and if all were lost, You could create the Earth again.....

But our souls You took time to make each one special
and if You lose even one, it would hurt like the devil

I pray for You Lord, and if I could have one wish
I would hope that it ends in only YOUR bliss.
© Joy L. Howell

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