The Dash Between My Dates

Memorial Day was over now
All had left and I was alone
I began to read the names and dates
Chiseled there on every stone.

The dates that show whether it was Mom or Dad
Or daughter or baby son
The dates were different but the amount the same
There were two on every one.

It was then I noticed something
It was but a simple line
It was the dash between the dates
Placed there, it stood for time,

All at once it dawned on me
How important that little line
The dates placed there belong to God
But that line is yours and mine.

It's God who gives us precious life
And God who takes away
But that line between He gives to us
To do with what we may.

We know God's written the first date down
Of each and every one
And we know those hands will write again
For the last date has to come.

We know He'll write the last date down
And soon we know for some
But upon the line between my dates
I hope He'll write, "well done."
© Lucille Britt
from The Log of the Good Ship Grace

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