Take a step outside your shell
To drink the secrets of the well
No longer will you fit inside
There's no more need to run and hide

It's easy now to be yourself
And set your fears upon a shelf
To close your eyes for just a thought
And reconsider all you're taught

Wishes made when you were young
Captured in the songs you sung
Freed your heart to laugh and plan
Reminders of a former day

So now you look through open eyes
To ask the hows, the whens, the whys
To search the world to find your part
And free the dreams within your heart
© Robert Longley

Building a web site is a lot like putting a puzzle together without benefit of the picture on the box. You have many pieces of information, graphics, codes, scripts, music, etc. Sometimes you have to go looking for a piece that fits just right. Then the picture begins to emerge and finally you have it ready for the world to see. Unlike a puzzle, a web site is never completely done and you continue to find pieces to put here and there.

In searching for all the pieces you need, you find a multitude of web sites with a wealth of information and assistance. Without the people who create these wonderful web sites, it would not have been possible to create this web site. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the generous people who have spent much time and effort in creating their helpful sites. The links below have been most helpful. While I have given credit on each page for specific graphics, I want to give credit to those who have provided information and help which is included on many pages.

Just about here I should be thanking first of all Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, for the inspiration and guidance He has given me in creating this web site. Thank you to all my friends who have sent me so many wonderful emails which became pages on this site. A special thanks to Bobbie Burnett for all your wonderful support, your "critiques", ideas and suggestions. Thank you to all of you who have granted special permission to use your poetry. Thank you, Mother, for being so supportive and understanding at the amount of time I have spent online when you could have been on yourself. Last but certainly not least, thank you to all my visitors - you are the ones who make a site successful and your encouraging comments make it all worthwhile.

If I have omitted anyone, please accept my sincere apologies and let me know. If you see anything that is not properly credited, please email me so that I may include those credits as well. Thank you all so very much! Loving prayers, pk


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