Screams and laughter filled the air
Excitement for the taking
"Glad to see you" in their eyes
Connections we were making.

Nineteen souls had gathered there
And many more were thought of
Friends no longer with us
Connections bought with love.

High school friends are special.
It takes work to make them last.
They somehow make you whole again
Those connections with the past.

A past so full of memories
Weaving through our lives
"How is she?" "Where is he?"
Connections to archives.

Hugs and pictures everywhere
Just couldn't get enough
Goodbye came all to quickly
Connections can be tough.

Touching base - a familiar face
Revving up and then unwinding
The making of new memories
Connections ever binding.
© Bobbie Burnett
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Cherish your friendships as you would your greatest treasures,
for that is exactly what they are.

Please note: "Connections" was written following a wonderful weekend
of renewed friendship with ladies who attended high school together.
This poem perfectly describes our reunion. pk

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