The "Come On In Cafe`"
(a lesson on living from a dear friend of mine)

Shoes worn down and shabby clothes
She saw them every day
When she stopped in for lunch
At the "Come On In Cafe`."

"Hello! And how ya doin?"
She'd greet them with a smile
Sharing time and pleasantries
For that was just her style.

Two faceless souls lost in the crowd
Quietly going their way
Rarely getting any notice
At the "Come On In Cafe`."

A brightness in their lives she was
She recognized their souls
One said to one "I like her"
"She's not playing any roles."

It only takes a minute
To smile and say "hello"
She made strangers into friends
As she traveled every road.

And so one day she stopped
At the "Come On In Cafe`"
"Dinner for one" the sad face said
"I'll be alone today."

He said to tell you
He'll be watching from afar.
He said he always liked you
"Because she knows who you are."
© Bobbie Burnett
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