The Class Of Fifty-Nine

It sure would do us all some good
To sit down now and then,
And make sure that we really understood
The way things were back "when".

Before the age of the internet,
And all of this high-tech stuff,
To recall a time we won't forget,
A time some folks call "rough"

A time when life was not lived as fast,
As life is lived today,
A time we recount from our memories past'
When we were both care-free and gay.

So let's go back to yesteryear,
And stroll down memory lane,
And share a thought, a smile or tear
Relive each happy scene again.

Recall the games we used to play,
When we were little girls and boys,
Without inventions of today,
These sophisticated high-tech toys.

Like hopscotch, jacks and hangman
And red-light green-light too
And Hide-n-seek and kick the can
To mention just a few.

Remember summer's fun-filled days
When you were just a kid,
Each new fad, the latest craze
And all the "trendy" things you did.

Pedal Pushers and Poodle skirts,
Penny Loafers and Saddle Shoes,
Rolled up sleeves on white T shirts,
Were the latest fashion news.

And Pony Tails and the "Elvis" look,
Were hairstyles so in vogue.
Faded pictures in our old scrapbook
Reveals so many a dashing rogue.

Our high school days now long gone by
Now memory recalls,
When we went to good old "Clovis High"
And walked her hallowed halls.

Of chocolate shakes and cherry cokes,
We sure did drink our fill,
We shared in all the latest jokes,
When we went to the "Silver Grill".

And Foxy Drive In was the place to be,
It was a place that was "really cool"
Where our friends and classmates we'd always see,
When we went there after school.

And dragging main street was the thing to do,
It was really an awesome sight,
To go and pick up a friend or two,
And join in on a Saturday night.

There many friendships soon were formed
That have lasted through these many years,
And many hearts are still fondly warmed,
To recall again those "wildcat" cheers.

To classmates who have sinced passed through,
This mortal valley's few short years,
I pause to think of each of you,
I bow my head and shed a tear.

To the rest of us who still remain,
Now and then let's take the time,
To go back in memory once again,
And recall our class of fifty-nine.
© Ken Hammack

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