Christmas Spirit

The Christmas season is here again in the mountains of my home. Everywhere you can see lights going up on buildings, houses, and trees. Everywhere you can also see faces lighted up with smiles and hearts lighted up with God's love. The snow is sparkling on the ground and the eyes of young children are sparkling with joy as well. People are buying gifts for loved ones but are also sharing the glorious gift of the Christmas Spirit with everyone they meet. It is a very special time of the year, and I cherish every second of it.

If I had one wish, in fact, it would be that this wonderful Spirit of Christmas would live on in our hearts, minds, and souls all through the year. I know that it is possible too, because I have seen a few beautiful souls who manage to keep the love, laughter, light, kindness, joy, and oneness with God alive inside of them everyday of the year. For them everyday is Christmas and every moment is a glorious sharing of the Christmas Spirit.

There is no reason too why all of us can't do the same. If there is one thing I have learned in this life it is that every second of every day here on Earth is either a choice we make or a choice we let others make for us. I, for one, choose the light. I choose the love. I choose the joy. I choose the giving, caring, helping, and sharing. I choose the glorious oneness with God. I choose the wondrous Christmas Spirit everyday of my life and I choose to share it with everyone.

Leo Buscaglia once wrote that "We will have finally mastered the meaning of Christmas when Christmas becomes a way of life." Make Christmas your way of life. Make your spirit one with the Christmas Spirit. Fill your heart, mind, and soul full to overflowing with God's love and joy and then make them your Christmas presents to the world.


© Joseph J. Mazzella

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