The Story Of The Candy Cane

Sometime during the latter part of the 18th century in England, when all religious symbols were banned from public display, no longer could Christian's recognize one another by any type of symbolic jewelry, clothing etc.

It was during this time it is told that there was a Christian candy maker who set out to find some way for members of the Christian family to identify.

He began with a white candy to signify purity and the holiness of Jesus Christ.

Next, he fashioned the candy cane into the shape of a shepherd's staff as a reminder that our Heavenly Father is the Good Shepherd.

Then he placed three small red stripes around the candy to represent the encompassing power and presence of the Trinity (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

Finally he placed a single bold red stripe throughout the candy to demonstrate the redeeming power and the blood Christ shed upon the cross for each of us, and the forgiveness of sins.

This was a hope that each would be reminded in a subtle way of the love God has for us and the price he paid for our salvation.

© S.J. Mckee

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