Butterfly Child

When I first saw you
Standing in the morning dew
Butterflies were dancing in your hair

Holding you seemed
As impossible as a dream
As I reached out to touch you,
you were no longer there.

How could I know
That I'd ever let you go?
The butterflies and
you were much too rare.

You fluttered away
And I couldn't make you stay
The call of the wild was
much too strong to bear.

Butterfly child
You're running wild
Up in the air, lovely and rare
Gentle and mild
I tried so hard to tie you down,
but you just flew away.
© 1995, Ruthie Pearlman

Butterfly's Wing

You let me hear the heartbeat of life,
a sound of your gentle breath.
A life-giving rhythm,
wrapped in the most gentle touch.
A word from the mouth of a friend

There takes nothing more
than the wind from a butterfly's wing
to push me over the edge.
There takes nothing more
than a quiet love
to show me the land of heaven.

Fly me up,
in your heavenly land,
show me your golden gates
Take me to joy, and happiness,
and find me my quiet place.

Let me sing out my sorrow,
and praise you with joy,
let me feel all I ever have felt.

Take my hand and guide me,
to wonderland, where your magic
can bring me to life.
© Nina H. Madsen 1998

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