Amongst Butterflies

The sunny sand we ran along
Everyday began upon
The summer's kiss of love and adventure

And every June that we fell into
Left a mark upon us too
Etched forever as a moment we'd remember
And we'd remember

The empty woods where we played
Every hour of every day
The holidays went on forever

And in the woods was a soldier's tomb
The ghost of which looked over you
And God was there amongst the trees
We felt his whisper as the summer's breeze

And every night and every day
I learnt to love it in a special way
As I remember what it's like
to walk amongst butterflies
© Paul Weller


The soft breeze filtered through the
leaves as I sat upon the ground,
And the quiet rustling that it made was
quite a peaceful sound.

I leaned against the old tree trunk,
and much to my surprise,
A butterfly sat on my arm --
such beauty in my eyes!

I didn't move-- sat very still --
and marveled in my glee,
That with all the flowers in the yard,
this gem had chosen me!

The intricate pattern of orange and black;
the undiscernable touch;
It's beauty was beyond compare, and I
treasure this moment so much.

Finally, the time had come,
And the butterfly took its leave,
But the joy this encounter brought to me
I still cannot believe!
© Helen, 1997

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