A Respite For A Busy Life

We often seem to rush and hurry,
Trying to get our day's work done.
We feel the strain of stress and worry,
And it robs us of life's joy and fun.

We're pressed by every little minute,
That seems to come like rushing tide.
We find no peace or rest within it,
Our lives are "vexed" and sorely tried.

Our lives are filled with fleeting hours,
That quickly crowd each passing day.
We don't take time to smell the flowers,
Or note creation's grand display.

Yes, days and months are quickly mounting,
The years come on at rapid pace.
Someday we all will give accounting,
Of how we each have run this race.

So live today in God's wise leading,
Build not your life on "shifting sand".
Our Lord, who cares, is interceding,
He pleads our cause at God's right hand.

And from the future do not borrow,
That's what our "blessed Savior" said,
And do not worry for tomorrow,
I'll give to you your daily bread.

Slow down from all your "toil and spinning",
Your life's held firmly in my hand.
A crown of life you'll soon be winning,
A home prepared in "glory land".
© Ken Hammack

To sing along click here for the lyrics.

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