For You, My Friend

I have a friend, you see
Who is such a part of me.
Our love began so long ago
It seems that it was always so.

Through all times, good and bad
Thankfully each other we've had.
Each time we get together we spend
Our hours talking without end.

All the shared memories in my heart
Are strong enough - we'll never part.
You see, she's my Forever Friend
So our friendship has no end.

Thanks for flying in to read the poetry of this very special lady. We will be hearing from her again in the near future. The wealth of talent within her has just been scratched on the surface. If you wish to contact Ms. Burnett, on each page you can click on her name to email her. See info on her autobiography, "My Father's House" below. Now come fly with me to read some great poetry.

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If you wish to contact Ms. Burnett, on each page you can click on her name to email her.
If you like her poetry, you will enjoy her autobiography, "My Father's House" and will see more of her talent.
Just email her for options or check it out at My Father's House.

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