Beyond the veil of mortal years,
With all of life's deep grief and pain,
Beyond the "wail" of human tears,
New joy will make us smile again.

Beyond the stress of fret and worry,
That plagues us as we run life's race,
Beyond the press that makes us hurry,
New strength will come to set the pace.

Beyond the ravages of warring,
That takes it's horrible human toll.
Beyond it's savage, ruthless "scoring",
New peace will fill our yearning soul.

Beyond intent of cruel people,
To kill and maim and terrorize.
Beyond their bent for hate and evil,
New freedom's eagle proudly flies.

So if you're weary in the trying,
Caught in the surge of life's undertow,
Just look beyond your fears and crying,
And see the Christ who loves you so.

Beyond your latest situation,
When angry waves your soul alarms.
Beyond your greatest expectations,
He'll shelter you in loving arms.

He sees beyond this veil of sorrow,
Where tear-dimmed vision cannot see.
He knows what lies beyond tomorrow,
Where new life waits for you and me.
© Ken Hammack

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